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Skonto Fish Restaurant

4 Vagnera street, Riga, Latvia     View Map
Phone: +371 721 6713   
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Skonto Fish Restaurant  
Skonto Fish Restaurant
Skonto Fish Restaurant
Restaurant Info

Even the blue and beige decor of this restaurant remind you of the sea and sand, actually on second thoughts, it could be the big aquarium on show that makes it so aquatic. In fact this aquarium is where you can pick your dinner if you so wish. Easily the best fish restaurant in Riga, the fish symphony gives you a chance to try a little bit of everything.

Skonto Fish Restaurant e-mail: info@zivjurestorans.lv
Website: www.zivjurestorans.lv

Probably the best fish restaurant in the Baltics. The four dining rooms are decorated in different styles, the fish is always fresh (some of it comes from the fish tanks in the dining rooms) and the menu at Skonto Zivju covers almost every kind of seafood imaginable.

  Open Hours:
12.00 - 24.00

· Fish, seafood meals

Payment Types:
· American Express
· Diners Club
· MasterCard
· Visa
· Discover

· Celebrations & Banquets catering
· Business Lunch Spot
· Group Dining
· Smoking Rooms Not Available

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