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Riga Restaurants Scene
Best food, best view, best romantic restaurant. best outdoor patio, best wine list, ... So many goodies it is hard to choose.
Unique evening out
This medieval restaurant takes diners back to the year 1293, where they can experience authentic cuisine from centuries past.

Better than Mom's
Slavu Restaurants
Enjoy the Lavishness of Russian cuisine
A vast choice of dishes cooked according to the ancient Russian recipes such as the Tsar’s fish soup, solyanka, okroshka, pelmeni, vareniki, sterlet, sturgeon, etc.

Late-Night Sushi
A test of Japan in the heart of Riga
A modern interior featuring brushed steel and blond wood, Kabuki features great sushi and miso soup, as well as some other less succesful noodle and rice dishes.

Special lunch offer
Daily from 11:00am till 04:00pm the special lunch offer
Grillbar “Piligrims” is in Old Riga – direct opposite to President Residence of Latvian Republic – one of sights of city. Daily from 11:00am till 04:00pm the special lunch offer under very comprehensible price. The Chief-cook has developed dynamical and various menu for lunch offers.

Riga This Week
Top Restaurants

Columbine (Hotel Metropol), Aspazijas bul. 36/38, tel. 72 16 161.Has a wide-range menu, also sea-food bar.

Da Sergio (City center), 65 Terbatas str, The only chance in Riga to taste Italian Chef’s masterpiece is “Da Sergio”.

Monterosso, Valnu 9, tel..72 22 071, Genuine Italian restaurant. Good service.

Čarlstons (City center), 38/40 Blaumana, international cuisine tel. 777 0573.

Otto Schwartz (Hotel de Rome), Kalku 28, tel. 70 87 623, an elegant restaurant in connection with Hotel De Rome. "Otto" has oysters and quite a few vegetarian choices.

Kaļķu Vārti 11a Kaļķu, tel. 722 4576. restaurant located in the historical and business centre of Old Town

Piramida (Hotel Ridzene), Reimersa 1, tel. 73 24 433, a gourmet venue under the glass pyramid. Sometimes referred as "little Louvre", Piramida offers a good choice of meals.

Macaroni Noodle Bar 17 K.Barona, tel. 721 7981. Pastas from around the globe.

Sumo, Kungu 8, puh. 70 92 460. Japanese food. Not cheap, but quality is upscale.

Sarkans, 10 Stabu str., tel 727 2286. A perfect feel-good place on the first floor of the maisonette.

Staburags (City center), 55Čaka, tel. 729 9787. Traditional Latvian food in an immense labyrinth of oak furnished rooms and niches and wash it down with some of the country's best beer.

Vincents, Elizabetes 19,tel. 73 32 634. One of the most famous Riga restaurants. Has a wide range of choices. Good place for business lunches with less than 10 lats. For more information see www.vincents.lv

Mauricius (city center), 2 J.Alunāna, tel. 703 5773. Ccan serve up to 130 persons at the fourchette table.

Zivju Restorans, Vagnera 4, tel. 72 16 713. Fish restaurant.



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