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RozenGrals restaurant

1 Rozena street, Riga, Latvia     View Map
Phone: +371 722 4748   
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RozenGrals restaurant  
RozenGrals restaurant
RozenGrals restaurant
Restaurant Info

This medieval restaurant takes diners back to the year 1293, where they can experience authentic cuisine from centuries past. The menu is a fun mixture of food and history. Eat the same barley cakes that King Phlip I ate every Sunday in the 11th century. Or maybe you prefer to try rabbit meat with prunes and and cedar nuts, a dish served at Isabella of Bavaria's wedding feast in the 14th century. The most modern items on the menu appear to be coffee and fruit juices. Overall, the menu appears well-researched as well as appealing to modern tastebuds.

RozenGrals restaurant e-mail: info@rozengrals.lv
Website: www.rozengrals.lv

  Open Hours:
12:00 - 24:00

· Medieval (Europe)

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